Monday, May 30, 2005

Well, you voted. Now, renegociate !

It's a no.

I know some people who're laughing right now. I don't think they're friends of anyone among the "no of the left". No, no friends at all.

And now, for the great rising tide of the "people of the left"! Oh, yeah! Now, for the renegociation of the text. Sure!

I'll be sitting with the crowd of ultraliberalists laughing at you while you try, and I'll be there with a bucket full of scorn and contempt for the great names among the Socialist party who conveniently ignored the results of the internal polls in the PS. You, who scorned your party's internal democracy to support the "no" despite the votes of your affiliates, you who did so out of pure and simple political opportunism and with the single goal of the presidential election of 2007. Remember this: not only will you lose in 2007, and will Nicolas Sarkozy be elected president thanks to your despicable petty powergames, but what's more you'll fail at renegociating.

Because the other countries which will reject the treaty will do so because they believe it's far too social. Because they don't want this ultraliberalism that you claim to be fighting to be hampered by any rule, however small.

Oh, you will have a new text. And you can be certain, that that new text won't have an ounce of social flavor to it.

Now, excuse me while I go heave out the contents of my stomach, I just heard a far-left defender of the "no" rejoicing at the thought that the UK will reject the treaty as well, and claiming they'll do so because it lacks of social aspects.

Excuse me, while I go and cry over the stupidity and the low-level populism of the far-left.

You voted "no". Well and good. Now, deal with the consequences.

And don't come whining in a year or two.

Oh, I forget, the World Company CEO sends his most sincere thanks between guffaws of laughter at your stupidity.

The only thing you stopped is European integration, more power to the EU to shield us from the consequences of globalization. Don't worry, China is still rising and killing us, the US is sticking to its policies. The globalization of economy and the weakening of our welfare systems continue.

I guess, you can be reaaal proud of yesterday's vote.

Real proud.

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