Monday, June 06, 2005

American Nightmare

I'm sick and tired of condescending columnists in the US newspapers (the Washington Post and the New York Times come to mind) who go around claiming Europe must bow to the One Truth and give up its ludicrous, obsolete social system.

I'm fed up with those same columnists dripping self-proclaimed compassion on how hard the path of Europe toward righteous respect of the One Truth of ultraliberalism is bound to be.

We have no need for your pity. No need for your compassion.

Do you want me to describe exactly what you can do with them? No, I didn't think you did, anyway. Wouldn't be politically correct.

I wish those same columnists would STOP spewing their worthless brainwashing propaganda. The only people they can fool are the poor deluded souls who believe in the myth called the "American Dream." Oh, yes, economy is flourishing in the US. Yes, the very rich get much richer, very fast. That is true. Now, tell me how the numbers of a healthy economy help the millions of poor people in the US, those who are homeless, who have nothing left? Tell me how it's all helping a disintegrating middle class in the US?

I think that what gets to me the most is how those columnists, those thinktanks and all keep at it. It's how they won't leave us the hell alone. For all their claims of belonging to a great country which respects all the political opinions, all the religions (they take that so far that they support sects like the church of scientology), they display a rather blatant lack of overture on the social and economic aspects of life. I'm not spending my time telling the US people to stop being morons who have a heart attack at the single mention of the words "left" or "socialism", am I? I'm not telling the US to give up its inhuman model, am I?

What right do those columnists have, telling us we must bow down to THEIR views?


Why am I ranting on this all of a sudden? Well, it's been bugging me for years, how people in the US dare passing judgements on systems they neither live in, nor understand. Nobody has ever demanded they give up their system to live in ours. Yet, from their self-proclaimed position of superiority, they have tthe gall of telling us we must bow to their One Truth. And they do this, in spite of all the signs that demonstrate that economic good health serves none other than the very rich people in the US, while impoverishing the middle class. That, and I read this column in the New York Times today.

Ever noticed how One Truth rhymes with One Ring?

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