Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kill Moronic Summer Parties. NOW.


It's 22:34. Tomorrow I'm working, as are many other people. That means I have to get up EARLY. A fucking moron is having himself a little fiesta down the street. A giant karaoke thing, and its shitty music MUST be on a maximum volume so it can gloriously resound through the whole quarter. The WHOLE quarter just MUST listen to pathetic voices attempting to sing ages-old sappy tunes.

I wish I knew the phone number of these people. I wish I had a nuclear missile at hand. I wish I had a machine gun, a B52, a rifle, a knife (the butcher kind, preferably). Anything.

I HATE morons who will bug a whole lot of people just because they have to have their fun and damn the rest of the world.

I hate Summer Parties.

I hate self-centered party-loving moronic fools.

I guess that means I hate most of humanity.

Fine with me.

Now, does anyone have a spare nuclear warhead close by? I promise, I'll give it back. Promise.

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