Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beware those who've lost everything ! Hope lives in Greece !

It's hard to find the words through the emotion that overwhelms you when something wonderful happens.

Something you no longer dared hope for.

But it looks like tonight, hope is alive again. Hope is rising in Greece, the first stage before spreading all over Europe, maybe.

Syriza is poised to win today's elections, and its historical victory might even give it ab absolute majority in the Greek Parliament.

They have lost everything. We have abandoned them down our road. We have lorded it over them, we have given them lessons when we should have been beside them, next to them. Helping them. And while we mocked them and berated them, we sank into hopelessness, resignation and the dark mire world the powers-that-be wanted for us, so their privileges would be safe, so their riches would keep on growing, feeding on us, on the marrow of our bones.

And yet, the Greek people refused the open arms of hatred incarnate. They denied the horrible lure of Golden Dawn, and they cast their votes and their last shreds of hope and strength toward Syriza. Alexis Tsipras is the face of a renewal of state, of social justice, of the defense of the people against financiers, corporations and powers-that-be.

And tonight, in these darkening days in the heart of Winter, we are reminded that the sun will rise again. That there will be good days again, happy days. That it's up to us to deny all the naysayers, all the doomsayers. All those who demand that we bow our heads and serve them.

Beware those who have lost everything, those whom we've abandoned along the road. Dreamers who dream of a better world. They feel anger rising in their hearts. They will hold tomorrow's hands in their hands. In the hands of those who have lost everything. In their hands.

Souchon's and Voulzy's songs echoes inside my heart. And I feel a lump in my throat. I feel a sting in my eyes. And I can't help a stupid smile from coming to my face.

Thank you, Syriza. Than you, Alexis Tsipras. And most of all, thank you, people of Greece.

Thank you for this wonderful gift of hope. Thank you for lighting our path. We have always known what it is we should do. We had been duped into thinking it was impossible. We had been duped into believing that there was no dreaming, no hoping, no trusting any alternative. Tonight, we know that it was all a lie.

Tonight, we know that everything is possible. If only we decide to take that step. If we want it to be.

I bow before you, Greece. I bow before you, people of Greece, you who have gathered a strength and a courage the powers-that-be wanted you so much to have lost.

Tonight, hope has triumphed !

Thank you.

Η ελπίδα έρχεται. Η ελπίδα νίκησε !

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