Sunday, April 24, 2005

All Hail the Panzer Cardinal--err...sorry, the new Pope...

Yay! Pray and worship, ye faithful,and go rot in hell, all ye infidels, pagans, atheists, agnosticists--moderate, modern Catholics might earn a spot in purgatory, but only if they make amends and recognize the error of their ways like, NOW.

Nah, really, after the media going hysterical about every last second of the previous Pope's agony, every heartbeat of the funerals, now we get the inauguration of the new one. Mass, live from Rome, on every TV channel, public, national channels included. Hello? Anybody at the head of this particular ship? Are we sinking down the abyss? Has Belgium turned into a religious country without warning? Has Catholicism become the state's official religion? Aren't we living in a secular society?

Oh, right. I'm overdoing it. I know, I tend to do that--all right, I rather enjoy doing that. But still, drop me a line on the day the media lavish such rapt attention over, say, the death of the Dalai-lama, or the great Rabbi in Brussels, or a leading figure of the Atheists' crowd, and I promise to bake you one of my famous chocolate cakes--not likely to happen.

And, don't forget! Be nice and repent, people, judgement day is coming for sure! (that stupid comet had better wait until I've had time to enjoy being retired, and end of world prophecies had better comply with my plans as well, or I'll have to have a little chat with whoever is steering the wheel of destiny).

... Though, come to think of it, maybe my frustrating attempts at changing this blog's design are a sign of heaven's anger at disrespectful people like me... Hmmm... Maybe I should come up with a sacrifice or two to placate Raph and Gabe who're scowling at me from all the way up there above the clouds... :P

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