Monday, April 25, 2005

Red Lights Flashing Everywhere @_@

Rain rhymes with pain.

Don't mistake me, I kind of like the rain. I like its song, I like the feeling of the raindrops splashing over me in summer when it's been too hot and stuffy for my taste, but rain makes driving hell incarnate. Oh yes, it does, if you're a decent driver, and you know how to behave in the rain (or when it snows for that matter). Rain means a myriad red dots flashing before you, when the freeway abruptly becomes clogged by an accumulation of poor, frightened drivers who'd be far better off if they didn't have a driving license (most of whom shouldn't have one in the first place--but then what would happen to the car industry, huh?). Of course, there wouldn't be many people allowed to drive, and that would force the state to develop other means of transportation like the train or the bus, but that is another subject for another day.

As it is, I'll just keep watching the rain fall, and valiantly endeavour to be patient when the car before me brakes violently just upon reaching a truck's level. I will try, but, as with everything, no promises.

Oh, and, advice of the day: never, EVER buy plane tickets online. Why, you ask?
Because if you do, when the airline you chose goes bankrupt, then you're done for. No refund for your tickets, and well, good luck trying to book another ticket at an affordable price. Whereas, when you go through a travel agency, the nice, kind people of the agency will take care of everything. They will book you another flight, they will simply ask the price difference, if any, and they will shoulder all the annoyances tied to getting a refund for the now worthless tickets.

No, this doesn't happen only to fictional characters. It just happened to me today, when I got home from a long, hard day at work and a drive back cursed with hords of drivers terrified by the rain pouring down from the sky.

I swear.

And now, for a good, long soak with a manga to read.

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