Friday, November 04, 2005

Burning Suburbia

(or how to put a ultra-liberal(*), far-right leaning, US-loving, authoritarian, barking bully in power)

It seems the news has even managed to reach beyond the Atlantic ocean (yay--not). Some suburbs of Paris have been plagued by riots for more than a week, ever since two teenager died in circumstances that are more than unclear, and where the police may have had a role to play.

Morons are busy bruning cars, stores, and generally fueling the far-right parties with their fake rebellion against the established order. People who claim they want justice and reject Mr Sarkozy (the neo-liberal, far-right leaning, US-loving, authoritarian bully, remember?) are, through their insane actions, giving him a bit more credit with each car they burn. With each person they frighten. They are busy insuring darling Mr Sarkozy ends up president in 2007, and it makes me mad.

Mad, because those morons are fueling contempt, fury, racism and playing straight in the hands of Mr Le Pen and Mr Sarkozy, whom they hate more than anything.

Mad, because I know the general public will draw the wrong conclusions.

Mr Sarkozy is a failure: he cannot bring order to the suburbs. Every single action he has taken since the tragedy of the two teenagers' death has been to pour more oil on the fire. Mr Sarkozy has done all he could to make things worse, starting with claiming all over the media that the two young people were thieves who died while fleeing the police, which it is now certain they were not.

Mr Sarkozy has made every single mistake possible in this whole mess, he has fueled the fury the rioters use as an excuse to destroy everything around them, and now he's just waiting with open arms and a smile, for more and more votes to come his way for 2007. Make people afraid, and they will vote for whoever barks the loudest. For whoever sends them the most authoritarian message. This is so transparent I could puke. But I know people will not see it. People will flock to the banner of a savior who in fact did his best to fail at calming things down in the first place.

And it makes me mad, because Mr Sarkozy's game is a filthy one. Because innocent people lose their few precious possessions, lose their jobs, are gnawed by dread, all to serve Mr Sarkozy's dirty little games of power. To serve his filthy ambition.

I do not know how this mess can be resolved.

I know one thing: Mr Sarkozy, you're not a part of the solution. You're part of the problem.

(*) no, liberal doesn't mean what you think it does if you're a US citizen.

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