Monday, November 07, 2005

Sarko Rhymes with Low

The UMP, Mr Sarkozy's political party (yes, mr Sarkozy is a gluttonous, greedy man who needs a lot of power and a lot of mandates, he's busy being Minister of Interior, number 2 of the French cabinet, boss of the UMP and also full-time candidate for the next presidential elections), has been busy adapting to the new information technologies and putting them to good use:

Mr Sarkozy's staff has discovered google, and the google-sponsored links. Wow.

And so, being people with quite a bit of money to spend (better to spend it there than to spend it trying to help the real problems in the French society, isn'it Mr Sarkozy?), they've bidded and thrown enough money in the system of google sponsored links to be the ones who appear first whenever you type a search on "suburbs", "scum", "violence", "burnt cars", etc.

Ah, it's so smart, so cool to exploit a dramatic problem for your own personal agenda, isn't it, Mr Sarkozy? Anyone who'll make a search on those terms will be nicely find a link toward a petition of support for your humble person. I think it's so moving, so touching! My heart flutters at the thought of it.

While police officers are trying to contain violence, while the people of the suburbs confront the coming night with dread, wondering if they'll still have a car and their job come morning, while the mayors and the social workers are putting their reputations on the line, while everyone is trying to solve the problem and restore security, what are you busy doing, Mr Sarkozy?

Why, using the events and the distress of people who suffer in order to serve your own petty interests and your own political career, of course!

Wow, what a figure of stature! What a presidential candidate!

No, really, who are we kidding?

Just how low are you willing to get in order to win the 2007 presidential elections, Mr Sarkozy?

Apparently, as low as it takes, below the lower abysses known to this world. At least, I suppose you deserve points for sticking to the end to the "the ends justify the means" motto.

I can only hope people use their brains, and that this latest thing blows back in your face.



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