Sunday, November 20, 2005

Franco mi Amor: the Nostalgia of the Righteous

They're standing with their right arm raised to the sky in salute. They're not saying "heil!" but they might as well be.

They're not saluting Hitler, but they might as well be.

They're saluting Franco. The butcher, murderer, tormentor, bloody dictator who smothered Spain under a blanket of terror during more than 30 years in the 20th century. During one of the blackest pages of Spanish history.

They're celebrating the anniversary of his death, they're mourning the butcher.


The righteous. The nice, good society, the one that goes to church on sunday, the one that teaches the "true values" of society. Those who condemn any kind of modernism, those who are against the right not to have to study religion at school.


The nice people. The well-behaved, well-bred people of the higher classes.

They send nausea raking my stomach.

They're the shame of their country, the shame of Europe. The shame of democracy. Abusing a freedom of speech they so loved trampling, they glorify, they worship a mass murderer, a criminal. They gather, their right arms lifted in salute and their sick nostalgia for an era of blood and dread, and the absolute rule of their caste.


In Germany, nobody would have dared leave a statue of Hitler standing. In Italy, nobody would have dared leave a statue of Mussolini standing. In Romania, nobody would have dared leave a statue of Caucescu standing.

In Spain, there are still statues of Franco standing.

In Spain, the good and the righteous have the gall to commemorate that filthy butcher's death with right arms lifted to the sky. Mocking the survivors of the years of terror, mocking the victims of torture, deportation, they dare display their nostalgia for those years of hell.

Why Spanish laws allow this, I cannot even begin to understand. Shit, I don't even want to understand. Doing this, is like planting the seeds that will in the end destroy their democracy. If democracy doesn't protect itself, doesn't prevent by law the expressions of hatred, of ideologies that aim only at its destruction, then it cannot help but fall in the long run.

The statues of Franco should be hacked to pieces.

And the righteous should be arrested, tried, and convicted.

The righteous, they who believe themselves above the populace, are a cancer. They are filth Spanish society should deal with.

Once and for all.

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